Channel: Netflix

One of the things that I would love to tell the producers of this show is that the husband & husband styling team of JSN Studios (Jason Bolden & Adair Curtis) are such GENIUSES at what they do, that we do not need anything else to create drama for the show. I mean, the “should we have a baby” conversations and the internal personal issues were not bad storylines but really – not necessary to keep the audience engaged. Jason Bolden does a near-perfect job of styling of A-List Actresses during award season. Watching him work every detail from start to finish and make red-carpet magic happen was exciting enough. Adair is a brilliant interior designer. Watching him make a dream home happen for stars who want to live their best lives was also one of the elements I loved best. “Styling Hollywood” is what I love best about HGTV, Fashion Police, and E! Red Carpet all rolled into one. I would like to see even more of all of that! As Jason says – they are having “a moment” and this show is super fun to watch!

Rate: Binge it and start thinking about making magic moments happen in your life!
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