Now that 2019 Fall is here, coffee sales and new fashions are on the rise!
Coffee never goes out of style – how do you take yours?

#1 – Coffee to go!

Your favorite blend in a to-go cup, Nikes, leather jacket – keep it moving!

#2 – Big Latte, extra creamy

Cashmere, boyfriend sweater, comfy pants and Netflix – comfort sipping.

#3 – Lux Café

Rich, espresso, designer dress and shoes.

#5 – Coffee with a Deadline

Café with favorite jeans and serious shirt in your favorite booth! Hey – it worked for JK Rowling!

#6 – International Coffees

When the tour bus stops, enjoy a local brew with your designer shades and take in the sites!

#7 – Iced Coffee

For those who live in warmer climes: Iced coffee, colored jeans, knotted tee – stay cool!

#8 – Basic Fall Coffee

Pumpkin spice, ankle boots and big scarf!

Fun Fact: For More Coffee/Personality information – See Sarah Addison Allen’s book “The Peach Keeper”.