Spoilers! If you haven’t seen it, avert your eyes!

The Umbrella Academy on Netflix was…entertaining. You pretty much knew exactly what was going to happen and there were a lot of tropes, but overall it was worth the watch. There were characters you wanted to slap repeatedly and others you just wanted to give a big ole hug. Since her siblings know that Vanya will always be the cause of the apocalypse, it will be interesting to see how they deal with that in Season 2. Overall, I would recommend it but just be prepared to yell at your TV and want to strangle people doing and saying dumb things!

Rate: Stream it!

Second opinion – Man, did I want to like this series. I almost did at first. It started off with a “fairy tale” narrator and a beautiful and cool soundtrack. There were intriguing elements like time travel, a talking chimpanzee, a robot maid, and a cool dance scene in a mansion. Then …. well, the protagonist characters became annoying. The series showed back-stories that were supposed to make us more sympathetic to the characters but it wasn’t enough to redeem them, in my opinion. One by one, they each annoyed me, angered me or turned me off altogether. While there were a couple of intriguing minor characters, the whole thing made me feel irritated at the main characters and it left on a cliff-hanger that felt unsatisfying. On a scale from “Stranger Things” (being the best) to the Iron Fist (or other Netflix Marvel attempts) – this is about half-way. While I am all about getting that soundtrack on my playlist, The Umbrella Academy needs a bit of work. It’s nothing that a good dose of Joss Whedon can’t fix but someone get him on the phone before they start writing the sequel.

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