Network: Netflix


I cannot say enough about this show! Let me begin by telling you that you will need to pay attention because half of this show is in English and the other half in Arabic. It is not the type of show where you can leave the room for a minute and come back in and not miss anything. I have talked to a few different individuals about this show – each being of different religions and beliefs – and all agree that this show captivated them. As you watch, you will continue to question whether this charismatic young man is really the “Messiah” sent from heaven, the second coming of Jesus, or a dangerous con artist and terrorist. The most interesting part of this show is that it is set in today’s world. With all the knowledge we have of the past and what is currently going on in the Middle East, is this man really who he says he is? Are you seeing illusions and just seeing what you want to believe is real or is he really being lead by God? You decide for yourself.

The Council decrees: Binge it! Already looking forward to season 2!