One of my binging beefs lately is the tendency to go so dark on each show. I don’t mind dark, but I am from the Joss Whedon school of go dark but throw in a quip. In the case of “dark overload” a good binger has to throw in something lighthearted like Champions. Though she doesn’t star in this show as she did with The Mindy Show – Mindy Kaling does make several appearances and her trademark funny is all over this show. Mindy is a single mom with a FAB-U-LOUS son who is coming to NYC to study at a school of the arts. When housing falls through, he becomes acquainted with this long-estranged dad who lives with his adorable-but-dim jock brother. The result is an adorable Three’s Company of one man learning to be a dad, one family-loving man embracing being an uncle and one 14-year old diva learning to be part of a male-driven family while still being his fabulous self. There are a lot of unique characters and amazing one-liners. A nice break from dragon queens burning down cities!

Rate: Binge It

Binge food: T-bone steak with Rainbow Cupcake chasers!