Network: CW

Years ago, when I first heard the title “Jane, the Virgin” – I wasn’t impressed. As someone who only briefly glimpsed telenovelas when I was channel surfing (back before I converted to binge-watching), I was only aware that that telenovelas were over-the-top soap operas. Well, that isn’t wrong – I just did not realize that I would be a huge fan. This has been one of my favorite shows for years now. For the last five seasons, Jane the Virgin has had every possible soap opera scenario and twist: big, love triangle; murder; scheming, cheating wives; long-lost father reveal; evil twin; amnesia; back-from-the-dead scenarios; and of course, accidental artificial insemination. Yet, through it all, it has been clever, witty (thanks to a great narrator), so touching (have hankies ready), unbelievably sweet and SUPER romantic. Seriously, when I call something sigh-worthy, it is a compliment to the love story and for Jane – I sigh about every 20 seconds. The men who love Jane were so perfect (they went to The Originals’ Klaus school of how to be manly and still cry so pretty!) – I don’t know how she chose but the writers did a great job of resolving that for all the viewers! It is always bitter-sweet when a show you love ends and you hope the writers take the fans into consideration when they do. Jane did not fail with that. The final season had true loves declaring their love for each other, happy endings, big career successes, and the big villain was finished in a pretty grand way. As with all CW shows this year, there is some political preachy-ness here and there, but it is not over-done as with most shows. I am also ALWAYS wondering when I watch these shows set in big cities (this is set in Miami) how people run so many errands all in the same day – I live in a small town and it would take me a week to do all the back-and-forth that they do. Regardless of these small things, I will miss all the characters – particularly Rogelio – Jane’s father, who was able to balance ego-maniac with adorable vulnerability so perfectly – I don’t know how he did not win an Emmy. (Get this man his own show for Pete’s sake!) When all is said and done, Jane the Virgin is exactly what a binge should be – a sweet escape from anything ordinary.

Rate: Binge it over and over – with grilled cheese… while a Spanish guitar plays and white, flower petals float in the breeze… sigh.
Binge Food: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (honestly, if you pick anything else, you have never seen the show!)