For years now, Downton Abbey has been one of my binge “comfort foods” in that I watch it whenever I am overworked, tired, or stressed. There is something about the beautiful house, the manners, pageantry, the lovely English countryside and London locations while watching the family and the support staff navigate love and happiness through a changing world that just feels lovely. The series had ended so beautifully that I was worried the movie would take away from that. It does (only because the stories must go on) and it doesn’t (because I love the stories). The movie feels like one extra, long episode as it centers around one event – the visit of the King and Queen. It is great to see how some of the characters have moved forward with their lives and how they continue to grow with the changing times. However, in setting up for future movies they do hint that some characters may change in the days ahead – both good and bad. I hope there are future movies because some of my favorite characters only had small moments and I wanted more. The storyline I loved the most was Tom Branson – the chauffer turned gentleman has always been enjoyable to watch and they finally give him a romantic storyline as well. The movie is great to watch (and sigh a lot) with your mum (I took mine!) and will add nicely to the Downton Abbey collection we have.

Rate: Go see it or buy it later so they will keep making Downton movies and opening the house up for Air BNB!