This movie restored my faith in Disney remakes! There were quite a few parts that made you laugh out loud and reminded you of the love you had for each character. There were times of stress in this movie (some creepy moments even) and life lessons taught. This is a must see and you should go see it right now if you haven’t already! It is a movie for the whole family! Will there be a part 5? You tell me what you think! I think this may very well be the end of a great era. I love Disney!

Also, I read that the man who voice Mr. Potato head passed away before the film could be made and instead of replacing him, they were able to use the past 3 movies to put together lines for him. Disney knows that people can’t be replaced, and I respect them for keeping his spirit alive in part 4 of the Toy Story movement.

Rate: Ticket

Binge food: Carnival food!