Review 1:

As usual, love the soundtrack. If you thought season 2 was good, this season is SO much more intense! I am stressed out with where it is going. Have you binged it yet?! I don’t care what anyone says, I am ready for them to make us fall in love with Billy. I am sticking to it. He is a misunderstood bad boy. Don’t argue with me! Haha! (I will leave no spoilers so just go with me on this) I love seeing the whole cast grow up right in front of our eyes! The only thing I can say I have a problem with is the OVER-THE-TOP sexism. I get it, I remember those days. But it really is SUPER exaggerated and a bit extreme. In real life, it’s a bit more subtle. But that’s really only if I nitpick for something to say. The show is unapologetically 80’s and that is the best part of it! I know I said no spoilers, but I am going to go ahead and warn you, grab the tissues. But hey, you should know by now if you’ve watched the seasons before… there is always someone who doesn’t make it… Is it too soon to say I am ready for season 4??

Rate: Binge it

Binge food: anything that is nostalgic to you from the 80s… especially ice cream from an ice cream parlor.

Review 2:

I don’t know who made this meme but this is the most accurate description I have ever heard! It has everything – pangs of growing up, nerd romance, how we got by without technology in the 80s, The Mall, Russian spies and alien monsters! It is Nerd-vana from every angle. This season was the perfect viewing for Fourth of July weekend! First – the entire show was centered around the fourth of July so there’s that. Set over a few of the most stressful days of the year, we bingers found ourselves laughing with our “heroes”, creeped out by monsters, wondering about the parents who weren’t keeping tabs on their kids and – per the usual Stranger Things elements: laughing at the dark humor, gasping over the stressful situations, having our hearts WRENCHED out of us and this year – an EPIC music moment! BINGE IT more than once. Since it broke Netlflix records, you have probably already seen it but watch it again and again!

Rate: Binge it… keep binging it, then binge it again

Binge Food: Eggo waffles and scoops of ice cream!