Okay, maybe it is because I love all things Mystic Falls/vampire-wolf-witchy but if “Charmed” is good – Legacies is GREAT! It is set in the Salvatore School of Magic – former house of our beloved Damon and Stefan Salvatore. It is like an American version of Hogwarts that has Wolf, Witch and Vampire factions instead of houses and “wickery” instead of quidditch. The dorm rooms are ridiculously huge unless you are under 10, (seriously, bigger than my first apartment) and there are very few instructors watching all these hormonal teenagers, but it is still fun. What I love: the mystery – a big, bad character who is bringing fairy tale and mythical monsters back – headless horseman, Medusa, unicorns, mummies, etc. back into play. The kids, in usual fashion, some you dislike at the beginning, but you love at the end. (I LOVE Jed and all the vampires who do one of the most amazing acts at the school talent show – can ALL CW actors sing well???) and the supernatural stuff – they do a good job – especially when the factions work together to take on the Triad bad guys who have stormed their school. And I love that they have introduced a new kind of supernatural kid – a …. well, I won’t spoil it but it’s cool. What I wish for more of: While it is awesome to see Alaric and Sherriff Donovan – they only reference the others: Caroline (the absentee mom), Bonnie, Damon and Elena, and Hope Michaelson calls her “Aunt Freya” sometimes. I would love to see more cameos from our old favorites. C’mon CW – make that happen! Have Damon visit his best friend, Rick, every now and then!

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