This is an easy binge because there are only 6 episodes a season! It is a dry and witty comedy following 5 Catholic students in Northern Ireland in a town called Londonderry (or Derry to all who live there) during the 1990s (Bill Clinton was President) when the conflict between Catholics and Protestants was still active but had become part of their everyday life. (For instance, the mom’s biggest concern with a bomb threat is that they may postpone the start of school). The main protagonist is Erin who considers herself a poet but is mainly awkward. She is friends with bad girl Michelle, James – who is the only boy at their all-girls school because he is English, and it is VERY clear what they all think of the English in every episode – but in a funny way, high-strung Claire, and Erin’s flighty cousin Orla. Each episode shows how their best intentions have disastrous results but ultimately – they are very loyal to each other and the final episode of each season is VERY moving. It is not laugh out loud funny, but it is very witty – especially the headmistress of the Catholic school, who is awesome. Word of caution – don’t even TRY to watch it without subtitles – the accents are thick, and the slang is obvious only in context!

Rate: Binge it and plan your next trip for Northern Ireland (mainly for Game of Thrones tours, but as long as you are in the area …).

Binge Food: Fried Chips (French fries for United States) – because “3 bags ain’t enough!”