I lump all these together because the CW does a big cross-over episode every holiday season so right in the middle of binging, I have to stop what I am watching and binge up to that episode for all three! Kind of annoying but I always love the Justice League feel of the crossovers.


Let’s start with the one that EW Magazine calls the one that saved “the TV Superhero”: Oliver Queen and the Arrowverse. If you ever got tired of all those flashbacks during the five years Oliver Queen was missing each season – well, you are in luck! This season hits you with flash-forward instead. Before I get into my feelings about that – um, the makeup artist this season REALLY should have consulted the aging app that so many people used this year. You can’t put a few lines on the forehead, add the crow’s feet and mist grey spray over hair and think you have successfully aged everyone 20 years! It was almost funny, but the story line of the flash-forward gave one twist after another into our heroes’ future and the dystopian society of Starling City. The story lines – everyone is having family issues – get a little lost in what is some of the most amazing fight scenes on television. Seriously, no one beats Arrow on impossible hand-to-hand combat situations. The ending was sweet but left the possibility for some amazing alternative timelines in the final season next year. I will tune in and watch the salmon ladder once more …

Rate: Binge it and hope you age that well!
Binge Food: Potato Chips – guilty pleasure and able to do one after another quickly


If you don’t like your entertainment to contain a “very important message” – this is probably not the year for you. I mean, the superhero part and story is still really good, but the CW feels they need to do their part to make sure we learn some valuable lessons which makes it a bit like watching the “So you landed in detention…” video that Captain America made for Peter Parker’s high school. Each episode, Supergirl and her friends – minus tech genius, Lyn, which is a bummer but with a HUGE bonus in the addition of “Brainy” who pretty much owns every scene he is in – fight crime, injustice, prejudice and new political leaders. The new this year includes more back-story for the bad guy which was interesting and the introduction of “Manchester Black” who I would love to see at ComicCon Cosplay and gasp! Ducky as Lex Luthor! As a Lex – he was fantastic, and I wish he had entered the season earlier! One more big bonus: in the crossover episode, we were introduced to Batwoman – which I will definitely cosplay one year! By the end, humans and aliens rallied together and saved the day. There was a heroic proposal but no romance for our Supergirl this year, but CW always makes sure there is some strong sibling love in all their work, so it was still sweet. A good cliff-hanger promises much to look forward to in the next season but get that girl some romance too! She’s earned it.

Rate: Binge it and buy the world a Coke – and teach the world to sing.
Binge Food: Loaded Nachos – lets mix all the ingredients – the more the merrier!


Like Supergirl, Flash is more lighthearted than Arrow, but not as preachy. The theme for Flash – as usual – is family. Everyone’s family grows this year – and everyone connects with children, estranged parents, and the family they have with each other. There is not much I can say without major spoilers, but I will say what I can. Barry and Iris receive a big surprise guest from the future who plays a major role in their lives and in the development of their marriage over the entire season. The crossover episode shows Barry and Oliver with a whole new set of skills and a French version of Sherlock Holmes “Sher-loque, not Sherlock”. Cisco, as always, is a fan favorite but its Barry and his imperfect sincerity that makes it a great hero show.

Rate: Binge it while you are doing laundry or a simple chore – or save it for family gatherings. It is nice enough to share with yer mum!
Binge Food: Big mocha lattes! This show loves its coffee from Jitters!