One thing I would like to say for those who have never seen this show – don’t judge a book by its cover. The title stems from a radio show the main character hosts at her college. The show itself is about an African American’s perspective going to a predominantly Caucasian school. While the show does touch on the everyday occurrences of each character’s life, we have to take into consideration that some of these characters are extreme exaggerations… but in a good way. You have the overachiever who you know will not stop until she is the first female president, the privileged son of the school dean, the gay student who is on a journey of exploring his new found freedom that came with accepting himself, as well as the biracial main character who goes through some tough situations that end in self-discovery. Of course, there are more characters, but I don’t want to give away too much. There are some funny parts to the show, especially when they keep mentioning that someone is acting like “this is the third season of a Netflix show” or the Handmaid’s Tale lookalike farce tv show that they are all obsessed with. If you are not easily offended, definitely watch this show. Just keep an open mind. I say give it a try to anyone who is unsure of Dear White People, although not recommended for children… let’s remember, these are college kids doing college kid “things”, if you get my drift.

Rate: Binge it

Binge Food: Takeout Chinese food…only because I think the key to a good binge is always takeout Chinese food. Lol.