This is another Netflix original that is based on a true story. It follows the story of the Central Park Five. These are five young African American teens (four 15-year olds and one 16 year old) and their wrongful arrest and conviction of an attempted murder/rape case. You want to see a show that will make you mad? Watch this. **Spoiler Alert** the amount of money they get in the end does not justify what they lost during their time served. Want to be upset with the NYPD and the judicial system, this is for you! Want to cry? This is for you! The acting of these young men is pivotal to this movie. They really showed you the struggles their characters face and you feel fear right along with them. You won’t regret watching this… but you will be upset.

Rate: Binge it

Binge Food: chicken wings and fries… only at the beginning of the first episode. After that, you might need a drink or three.