This series follows 6 people (3 women and 3 men) who have volunteered to be part of an undercover program in a selected jail to see where the issues are. The real inmates and the correction officers are unaware of the undercover volunteers and just think there is a documentary being filmed about prison life. These undercover volunteers (who do not know there are other volunteers in jail with them) are to help the warden see if the CO’s are doing their jobs, what could be done better, how the inmates are getting drugs into the jail, and how inmates are making the drugs. It is a very dangerous program for the volunteers. They are each given a cover story with some background information but if they are not able to sell the inmates on their story, it could backfire on them. You will see some of them heavily questioned because their stories don’t add up and inmates suspect they may be snitches or undercover officers. While they are in jail, if the undercover volunteer does something against the rules or breaks a law, they will be prosecuted, and their stay may turn from temporary to involuntary. For the safety of the volunteers, they are given code words to say to the cameramen or signs like putting a towel across their shoulders to let the camera crew know that they don’t feel safe and need to be removed. Not all of the volunteers make it through the entire 90 days (some are threatened and feel their safety is at risk). While in jail, some of the volunteers discover the others in the program which helps them feel less alone. This series is not short of drama. It does show the ins and outs of the jailhouse, but it does not edit the fighting or sugarcoat the real every day lives of these inmates. You will see fights, gang activity, and drugs, oh my! You will even start to have compassion for some of the inmates and their stories. There is even an undercover volunteer who falls in love in jail. Will their love story work out? Do they blow their covers? You will have to watch and see. One thing is for sure… I don’t plan on going to jail ever, whether involuntarily or voluntarily.

Rate: Binge it while doing laundry

Binge Food: A box of Honeybuns (very good for trades in the Bighouse)