Binge watching 90’s Shows – Charmed, Buffy and Friends. I guess I am missing crisscross parts, boy bands and when we all quoted “Clueless.”

I am bingewatching all my CW (the Cute Woman’s network) shows – Arrow, Supergirl, Flash, Riverdale, Jane the Virgin, Life Sentence … If I had to pick one network, this would probably be it! I am also excited to learn they are going to do a Roswell (Originals fans will be happy to see a familiar wolf-face!) & Charmed reboot on CW – a little more diverse this round! (Man, I really miss the 90s… )

I will stop and watch EVERY clip from the “Graham Norton Show” on Facebook – we really need to broadcast that in the states!

Handmaid’s Tale – Dark and twisted but they find their small victories in tiny moments of rebellion … there is a lot to root for!

Emmys – This is a tough one this year – I am rooting for two many shows!

Re-watching Sex in the City when I am doing laundry (which seems like always) and just finished watching the Single and Fabulous? episode. I decided that the only thing questionable in that episode is truly the hat that she wears. Was that ever fashionable? Maybe it should have been titled the Single and Fashionable? episode.

Began watching Sharp Objects. I knew it would be dark because I read the book and well I typically read and watch dark shows. But I was not expecting it to be dark… and dull. The only reason I will give it another chance is because I really liked the book. But those who haven’t read the book… I am interested to hear what they think of it?