If you haven’t seen any of the 13 Reasons Why series, here is a snapshot of what it is. Be aware: spoiler alerts! (Only the ones that couldn’t be helped though). Hannah Baker is a high schooler whose suicide shocked everyone who knew her. No one could understand why. Then all of a sudden, a box of cassette tapes show up and Hannah is narrating them. There are 13 tapes and on the tapes are the 13 reasons why she took her life. If you received the tapes, it’s because you played a part in her suicide. You don’t know which tape(s) you’re on, so you have to listen to them all. If you don’t follow along the sort-of scavenger hunt Hannah takes you on, the tapes will be turned into the authorities by an unknown party and you better hope that you didn’t do anything to Hannah that could be deemed illegal – like rape. This show (and the book and the audio book – yes, I’ve gone through all three) are all binge worthy! You have to keep watching, keep listening, or keep turning the page to find out who else played a part in it. Why didn’t she go to an adult? She did. Why didn’t she ask for help? She did. Why didn’t she talk to her friends? She did. Anyways, binge this right away! Season 2 follows the court proceedings following the release of Hannah Bakers tapes. Will there be justice? Keep watching.

Now for the new season – season 3.

Here is the spoiler… Bryce Walker is dead. He is a rapist; some would even say a monster. But did he deserve to die? You decide. Who killed him? That answer will shock you. Every time you think you know who did it, there’s an alibi. I just could not figure out who did it. I went into this season with low expectations because what else can they drag out of this series? But when I tell you this season will put you through the ringer – I mean it! Grab your tissues and hold on tight because you are in for an emotional roller coaster. I cried with the characters, I felt for the characters… you will even possibly change your mind on how you feel about Bryce Walker. Can people change? You tell me.

Rate: Binge it right now! Again, make sure you have tissues. And be prepared for a few horrific scenes – kids can be cruel.

Binge Food: Popcorn and movie theater food… only because Hannah Baker worked at a movie theater. I am not sure if I ate at all watching this, that’s how focused I was!