So, I went into this movie with very low expectations and I think that made the movie so much better. While I have heard from a few people that they didn’t really like this movie, I loved it! Really and truly if you are okay with a little (okay maybe a lot) of vulgar humor, watch this right now. I laughed from beginning to end. If I had one bad thing to say about this, it would only be that when the kids cried, it was very fake tears. Other than that, sit back and just enjoy the nonsensical situations these kids get themselves into. This is the Superbad of this generation. Do you remember your first kiss? This will remind you of the pressures of being a kid and of how scary going into middle school is. This movie also showed the reality of kids growing up and learning that sometimes you grow distant from the friends you once knew. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love each other, but as we find our niches in the world, we also find likeminded people to join us… and they aren’t usually the childhood friends we thought were going to be a BFF. Going on a fun date? Check this movie out. It will take the awkwardness out of any situation with laughter.

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