This is my all-time favorite book! Seriously, I re-read it once a year. First, yes – the book is always better! ALWAYS! However, I love every version of Little Women ever made and this is definitely a good one! If you are familiar with the book Little Women – it has two parts. The first part is one year of their lives and the little adventures, trials, and joys each of the March daughters – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy – have over the course of the year. Most movies focus on this part. The second part is their making their way into the adult world with VERY different dreams, heartbreaks, and ambitions. This movie begins in the second part and has several flashbacks into the first part to hit on the key events that we have all come to know and love. Saoirse Ronan does a BRILLIANT job of playing Jo March – she is really an amazing actress. Florence Pugh – who plays Amy – is now the reigning queen of all Amys! She adds so much comedy and fun character to the role of Amy – I just loved it! All were great. My only complaint was Timothy Chalamet. He was perfect as the young Theodore Laurence but as the older Teddy Laurence, he still looked fifteen, not like the adult he was supposed to be. The movie version of Professor Baer was way off too, but I am okay with that since the book description is not very attractive (sorry). This is not a joyous version of Little Women – it is nostalgic, quietly hopeful, wistful and bittersweet – much like being an adult woman.


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