Network: Netflix


Are these moves just cute? Yep! Are they predictable? Yep!  Do we love them anyway? You bet! New on the holiday movie scene is the Vanessa Hudgens produced and starred in The Knight Before Christmas about a 14th century knight who is sent to the future by a “crone” and gives a quest so he can become a true Knight! So, he’s sent to the most holiday-decorated little town in Ohio where no one seems to have to be at work and they have decorated every angle of town with Christmas cheer. He is found by jaded-on-romance-by-her-cheating-ex-boyfriend school teacher, Brooke who gives the poor knight shelter in her guest house (the house and guest house left to her by her deceased parents but also really decked out for the holidays) and they become friends, companions, binge-watching buddies and of course – fall in love. Huzzah! Along the way, she never has a bad hair day, seems to own dozens of winter coats, never eats any of the delicious food put in front of her and comes to believe in time travel and true romance all in five days! Is it silly? Well, yes, but it is also a really fun part of the holidays. It is NO WHERE NEAR as good as “Noelle” on Disney +, but hey, just like the extra cookies, hot chocolate and festivities, it will all go away in a cold January minute, so enjoy the indulgence while you can!


The Council Decrees: See it – but only during the holidays and maybe while you are wrapping or decorating to make it less unproductive!