Now I want to start this by saying I love Jennifer Lopez and all things Jennifer Lopez. Whatever magic potion she is drinking to make her look better as she gets older, I will pay top dollar for it! Now here is my review of Hustlers. Knowing what the movie is about and knowing Cardi B, I really thought I would see a lot more stripping and a lot more of Cardi B. She is barely in the movie. There really isn’t that much stripping either. Not that I wanted to see a lot of it, but hey, I just didn’t know what to expect. When the group of women start their new “business”, I was just certain there would be a huge climactic moment. But there really wasn’t. It was a little lackluster. I am not sure what I expected or wanted to see, but I needed more UMPH in the movie. It’s a good story, good actors, probably a good book. But that’s just it, just good but not great. I wouldn’t bother the cost of the theater tickets for this one.

Rate: Stream it (it’s worth a Redbox fee but it’s also a good one to wait to come to Netflix)… I will say while streaming, go online and buy you a faux fur coat, JLO pulled off that look so well!