Network: NETFLIX


Who doesn’t love a story about a dark, twisted gal who becomes an international assassin? Ava stars some pretty big names – Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell, John Malkovich, Geena Davis…and each does an amazing job with what they have, which isn’t much. Jessica Chastain is a marked-for-death assassin who goes home to try to make amends with her family after she questions orders and breaks protocol. Not much more happens other than that. Geena Davis as Ava’s Mom has the most closure of a story – there is a lot unresolved but maybe that was for a sequel or something. The fight scenes and action sequences are really good but I have issue with actors who are doing amazing fighting but you don’t really believe they can actually fight like that. Only Colin Farrell looks like he can do some serious hand-to-hand combat but gets his tail kicked a lot anyway!

Council Rules:  Good for a just before bed movie but for a better Jessica Chastain movie – watch “Molly’s Game” – that is a lot more interesting!