I was so looking forward to this movie! I love the casting – Daniel Kaluuya (I always love seeing him) and Jodie Turner-Smith (the beautiful Queen that she is). The couple are out on a first date – a date that goes from bad to worse. These two just don’t click. On the way to dropping Queen off at home, the two are pulled over by a police officer. Things escalate with tensions being high and the results are Queen getting shot by the cop and the cop being shot by Slim. While the dashcam would show that Queen and Slim were acting in self-defense, their fear propels them to leave the scene and be on the run – never a good idea. You will follow these two as they try to outrun the law and eventually find themselves only having each other to lean on. Will they make it? Will they end up together? Watch and find out. All I will say is I need to see more movies with Daniel… I just love him!

The Council decrees: Watch it! Right now! Discuss with your date/bf/bff, what you would do in the situation!