In this new Netflix original dating show, they have a group of strangers – both men and women – looking for love. Instead of falling for someone based off their physical appearance, they are not allowed to see the people they are dating. These “dates” consist of them going into a pod where they can only hear their date and get to know them through communication. Once they are in love (insert eye rolls – it happens within days), the man proposes to the woman and they get to see each other. They leave the show engaged and immediately move in with each other with the date of their marriage being within 30 days. They get to decide at the altar whether they will say “I do” and continue on to their wedding ceremony (they are already in a wedding dress and suit and standing up in front of everyone) or whether they will say “I don’t” and leave the wedding. While this all sounds gag worthy and many eye rolls were had, I was hooked on this show. You will pick your favorites (Cameron and Lauren) and you will pick the one who annoys you just by voice (Jessica). Who will last, who will walk away from the altar, and who won’t even make it to the altar, you’ll have to watch to find out.

The Council decrees: Binge this! Yes, it’s lame but lame in the same way that we all watched Jersey Shore for all those years. Must see.