Network: Netflix


Ginny & Georgia, or as I like to think of it, Gilmore Girls 2.0 – or maybe if the original Gilmore Girls was a sweet treat, this is a treat with a vodka chaser!

There are some basic similarities between the two GG shows (see what I did there) – beautiful, fun mom (Georgia) who had her daughter (Ginny, short for Virginia) as a teenager. Ginny is an intelligent, beautiful teenager who gets the “perfect” boyfriend but longs for the one NOT good for her. Ginny’s cool “super-hot” dad comes into town on a motorcycle and has an on-off again relationship with Georgia. There are love triangles and even a cute guy at the farm-to-table restaurant who pours the coffee and secretly pines for Georgia.  The town hall meetings are where passive-aggressive power plays happen and there is a host of quirky characters all in a whimsical town setting where the budget for a high school play must be huge. Sounds familiar, yes?  The rest is darker and more twisted – murder, self-harm, money issues, teenage sexuality, guns, racial tensions, theft, and substance abuse. There are a lot of funny moments, mostly thanks to the “best friend” characters, and lots of little triumph moments for the mom you can’t help but root for, even though she is not really a “good person”. The overall effect leaves you thinking that this time, you are glad NOT to live in this world. The season ends with an intense, tension-filled cliffhanger that sets up well for Season 2!


The Council Rules:  Yep – this is a binger item!  Preferably with a BIG bottle of wine.