Network: Hulu


Ever since Sex and the City ended, a lot of single and not-so-single women have wanted another show that showcases fabulous, smart women whose friendships are the real love story. Dollface … isn’t that, but it shows promise. The show’s protagonist – Jules – gets dumped by her boyfriend of 5 years like – in the first 5 minutes of the show. What follows is a little odd at first – a “cat lady” (for real, she has a cat face and shows up in a lot of episodes to usher her through the current crisis of her life) who takes her to a terminal where a receptionist informs her that all her girl friendships have “expired” while she has been making her life all about her man’s life! Now, the homebody Jules must reengage with the girlfriends she left behind. They, after some hesitancy, take her back and now the fun starts! The episodes are filled with the new dating/social media/pop-culture referencing/girl-power fabulousness, but the heart of it is – as long as you have your girl tribe, life is pretty sweet. For Jules, it is her power-driven friend Madison, the gorgeous Stella (Shay Mitchell in my favorite role she’s played so far) who is a party girl but considers going into business school, and co-worker Izzy who is a standout of funny moments. I love that this show both supports women and makes fun of some of the over-the-top “women” standards that are currently all over social media such as mystic retreats, pink-toned offices, and overly filtered everything! I hope there is another season as the foursome continue to spread their wings but, no offense, leave the cat lady somewhere else.


The Council Rules:  Binge – with your girlfriends!