The CW shows are always my favorite binge. They are entertaining with pretty people and decent storylines. I always look forward to May when the CW shows are added to Netflix and I can binge-watch as God intended! (Since that is the best way to watch, I assume it is the Almighty’s plan.) This year’s Riverdale was great. As a big fan of the Archie comics growing up, I have loved the way they made it darker but still included elements like Betty’s ponytail, Veronica’s nicknames for Archie, Jughead’s beanie, Archie’s jalopy and Pop’s Soda Shoppe! It doesn’t always work out (I’m looking at you Sabrina, The Teenage Witch!) but the dark twist is a lot of fun for me as a grown-up lover of the comics. This year’s mystery involves a twisted version of Dungeons & Dragons (called Gargoyles and something … but the same, basically) and a cult called “The Farm”. While it is nice to see another musical, Chad Michael Murray shirtless (dude has been working out!), and what the story is with Jughead’s mom, there was a bit of a pang each time Luke Perry (aka: Fred Andrews, Archie’s Dad) was on screen. It has been a sad loss for the Riverdale family.

Rate: Binge it – and take a moment to remember the Top 5 episodes Dylan McKay/Luke Perry

Binge food: um …Milkshakes, burgers, and fries – of course!