I really don’t know why the CW doesn’t give me a kick-back. I watch all their shows. The Charmed reboot is some supernatural fun. Three sisters – whose names all start with M’s instead of P’s this time (see what I did there with the binge food??) and a lot more diversity – Spanish, African-American, Lesbian and a British whitelighter. It is fun to watch them learn to use their powers, fight the big-bad, fall in love and grow as sisters. It wasn’t my all-time favorite, but I will keep watching. I like the fact that one of them is a brilliant scientist and I am always happy when there is a British character (blame it on Giles from Buffy!) My only complaint is – seriously – WHO IS DRESSING THESE GIRLS. I may not be 19 – 27 anymore, but their clothes are down-right odd. Not witchy-odd like in “Practical Magic” (which would be a good chaser after watching this) but like … just odd.

Rate: Binge it – and watch Practical Magic then read Sarah Addison Allen books

Binge Food: Popcorn with M&Ms!