They literally show the entire plot in the trailer. Woman has a horrific car accident, wakes up and cannot remember her life, her loving husband, her parent’s death, or any of her friends. Her husband takes her home and helps her recover … then, things start looking suspicious. She is assisted by a persistent detective who is haunted by an unsolved mystery in his path which helps him question things that others don’t. There are no surprises except how she makes some REALLY dumb moves sometimes and how fast she gets over trauma, but it is worth watching to see THE MOST gorgeous house. Seriously, I could not get enough of looking at their house! That is now my actual obsession!

Rate: Binge it and then go looking for that house on AirBnB for your next three-day weekend!

Binge Food: Spaghetti because they mention Italian food in the movie, but I recommend a simple, predictable Italian dish – it’s a short movie.