Network: Netflix


It has been a while since I sat and watched an entire season of a show in one day. This show made me want to keep watching. It also made me want to have a superhero kid! Haha! Michael B. Jordan, while he isn’t in the show as much as I would have liked (hubba hubba), his small role as Dion’s father was a nice change of scenery to his normal characters. Ja’Siah Young plays Dion so well that I wish I could just scoop him up and take him home with me! The show is about a little boy (who is being raised by his single mother) who begins showing signs of superhero powers. Not understanding where this came from, you can only imagine how freaked out his mother is when he shows her. They learn together the extent of these powers – along with some helpful friends and scientists. I almost can’t decide who I love more, Dion or his best friend, Esperanza (even if it took him a while to realize she was his best friend). You will learn where these powers came from as well as a HUGE twist of who the real villain is.

The Council decrees: Must watch. Right now.