Network: Only in theaters right now


Where to start… this might be the best movie I have seen all year, and that’s saying something considering all the movies I watch. If this doesn’t win at least Best Actor, then I have lost faith in humanity (lol okay that escalated quickly). Let me also preface by saying I am not a huge fan of DC in general, let alone their movies. With that being said, this was my favorite DC movie of all time, mainly because it was not a superhero movie or a comic book movie.  If you are expecting that, you will be very disappointed. This was a movie about society and mental illness and how the combination can create a sociopathic monster. That monster just happens to be the Joker. It’s sad to say this, but I honestly felt bad for the Joker and also felt that each of his kills was justified. Does that make me a sociopath? Maybe a little, lol. I kid, I kid (not that this is a joking matter). The casting of this movie was spot on and I don’t think there is anyone who could have done it better. The only one I think who could have been replaced was Alfred. I just didn’t get the Alfred vibe from him. Want to see what could happen to an American city when there is no justice being done? Well here you have it. Let’s hope we don’t come to this in real life.

The Council decrees: Must. See. (I may or may not have already seen it more than once in the theater.)