Review 1: Similar to Men in Black International, I thought this was a cute movie. There are some things that may be a little above the younger viewers, but it was a cute, silly movie and as such, easy for a nonsense kind of date night. If this had been in theaters, I definitely would not have recommended seeing it. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even pay $1 at Redbox. But for free while I fold my laundry? You bet!

Review 2: There are three stages in a woman’s life: 1 – “You look good!”; 2 – “You STILL look good!”; and 3 – “You look good FOR (insert age here)”. It seems the “Jennifers” (Anniston, Garner and Lopez – who is a freak of nature) fall into the STILL category. Murder Mystery is about a long-overdue honeymoon trip to Europe taken by the still lookin’ good Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler (who looks about the same as he ever did). Along the way, they befriend a wealthy man who invites them to vacation on the family yacht where they (gasp!) stumble into a murder that they must solve or become international criminals. It is not the funniest movie ever, but it is cute with funny moments as the two relearn how to be a team and look out for each other. As my friend Dom would say – it is a good “laundry movie” because it is nice while folding towels.

Rate: Stream it and think about how unlikely it is to befriend a millionaire!

Binge Food: anything Italian… with lots of breadsticks! And Mai Tai cocktails!