Network: Netflix

This game show is a whole new style of game show – hello to the future! This show also speaks volumes about where we are at as a society. In this game, contestants compete in a (for lack of a better word) popularity contest. They never meet face to face, and everything is done via social media. But with social media (and thanks to Catfish), we all know that pictures and conversations can be misleading. Is this person really an ally? Are they really who they say they are? As the weeks continue, contestants have to rate their top or favorite people and the one who gets the least votes is eliminated instantly. Upon leaving the show, the eliminated contestant is able to visit one person – whether it’s someone they think they had a connection with, someone they want to reveal the truth to, or someone they want to question for voting them out. This game show, in my opinion, was the epitome of our day and age and the power we put behind social media and technology. Who do you want to win? Tell us!

The Council decrees: Binge it!