Network: Netlflix


Oh, how good it is to see Ian Sommerhalder on the screen again! For those of us who have adored him since his killer-bad-boy-with-heart-of-gold-vampire days on The Vampire Diaries – he still looks pretty darn good with his blue eyes and smirky smile. If nothing else – stick with the show until the last episode. Okay, now – onto the plot! Based on a graphic novel by Jonathan Maberry – it is a new twist on vampire-ism. This time, our beloved, blue eyed protagonist is Dr. Luther Swann who – as most scientists do – warns of a future calamity that is ignored…until it is upon us and surprises us all! He takes his best friend, Michael Fayne, to explore a problem at an Artic Station. There, they are both exposed to a biohazard and quarantined for observation. Once released, we learn that Dr. Swann is fine but Fayne becomes “patient zero” for a virus that turns some humans – not all – into Vampires (who eventually call themselves the “bloods”).  What follows is learning who will or who will not get infected, what government agencies are good and who is bad (a lot), what redneck groups are helpful or not (most aren’t), and will Dr. Swann find a cure while Michael Fayne becomes the leader of a new type of Human Race. The science part about the virus could be interesting but they do not spend enough time on that as they do the constant fight for survival – on both sides. The most intriguing part of the whole show is the friendship between Swann and Fayne who find themselves as leaders of opposite sides but want to make it work. Does it work? Well, some strides are made but by the end, we realize a potential war is brewing. Should make season 2 pretty interesting.


The Council Rules:  Binge it … or at least fast forward until you get to the end scene!  Lort!v