So, not all remakes are good but this one really, really IS! I liked the original Roswell but this one started more grown-up. Liz, who comes back to Roswell as a biochemistry engineer (I had to Google that), reacquaints herself with her friends from high school as she tries to solve the mystery around her sister, Rosa’s, death. She gets more than she bargained for when she learns that there really ARE aliens in Roswell and one of them is the deputy who has been crushing on her since they were kids. What I love – the Southwest sunsets, the fact that the heroine is SMART, the gorgeous alien, Max, who says so many romantic things that I found myself sighing a LOT! What I don’t like – okay, the political agenda is SUPER preachy. I mean – whether you agree or not, it is a buzzkill anytime someone throws current politics into my swoon-worthy, Sci-fi romance! C’mon Roswell – your viewers are smart people – no need to preach – we are okay. Also, I am in love with a soldier so I am like a “thank you for your service” kind of gal and this show is a bit more suspicious of the military but I guess that is typical of Sci-Fi when the aliens are the good guys. Still – those eye-rolling moments aside, the mystery is good, the characters are pretty, the Sci-fi is good, and the romance is epic. Give me some nachos already!

Rate: Binge it

Binge food: Chips and queso