Speaking of Neil Gammon, here is a fun mini-series on Amazon about more demons and angels who have fallen in love with humanity and want to save Earth from Armageddon. You don’t ever have to twist my arm to watch ANYTHING with David Tennant in it and frankly, I love Michael Sheen too. Both of these actors have amazing ranges and watching them work together as odd couple friends/Angel and Demon – who fight really icky demonic forces and really pompous angelic forces to save the world is fantastic. I love the scenes where it shows their friendship developing throughout history and all the quirky characters (will Jon Hamm ever play a non-jerk??). The scenes I didn’t care for – any with the demons – ew – and whatever issue David Tennant’s character had with house plants – which was weird and did not add to the story line at all. What I loved most: the soundtrack! Mostly the band, Queen, keeps this entire story sharp and well-paced. This is an adorable, supernatural bro-mance show. I won’t spoil the ending but it was pretty satisfying all the way around.

Rate: Binge it

Binge Food: Crepes from Paris!