I am honestly shocked that I am the one from BWC who is watching this one. I mean, my other two Binge Council Members love dark, serial killers, horror movies, and insane roller coasters. But here I am, and I am loving it! Rather than believe I am migrating to the dark side, I will credit Sandra Oh – who I have loved as a funny, smart actress since she was a brilliant, sarcastic surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy! Anyway… Season 2 picks up 30 seconds after the BIG cliffhanger from last season and the answer is resolved pretty quickly. Then, we are straight into the international cat-and-mouse chase of two women who have a very twisted relationship. The second season was funnier – if that is the right word – than the first. If you’ve seen Dexter and like that dark humor – then Killing Eve has twice as much. There are new villains this season – a weird man who collects dolls, an assassin they call “Ghost” is moving in on Villanelle’s territory, and an arrogant, privileged, douchey-McDouche head of an IT company, and of course – you can never really trust any of the good guys can you? In the midst of this, you have sharp Eve who is at war with her own darkness (and really needs to take some combat lessons) and Villanelle who is her usual cold-blooded psychopath self with a mastery of accents and a couture wardrobe who continues to steal the show. Throw in the fact that women are the bosses on this show (the men are the executive assistants and sometimes objectified) and all the places I love to travel (London, Oxford, Rome…) and this is definitely a show that ladies who love the killing shows (I’m looking at my fellow bingers) would like to watch! With only 8 episodes, you can binge it in a day – but give yourself a “Friends” or “Ricky Gervais” chaser before trying to go to sleep because it ends with another dark cliff hanger!

Rate: Binge it and get yourself this cool t-shirt that Villanelle wears with a leather jacket to a London museum!