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There is just something about her – you can’t help but root for Midge Maisel and her manager, Susie, as they work to make achievements in Mrs. Maisel’s comedy career. This season she is on the road. The opening act for a Johnny Mathis type singer, Shy Baldwin (and he is REALLY like Johnny Mathis) which takes her into the glamor stage shows and the not so glamourous life on the road. There are lots of ups and downs for her as she learns how to make non-New Yorkers laugh, have a little bit of a potential romance, miss her kids, and see her name on a marquee for the first time. I know she’s the star, but it is her parents that I really love to watch! They continue to be a source of great humor as you watch each of them grapple with their new normal and how to make their mark on the world. Midge’s father has quit his job and loses their amazing Manhattan apartment and now must find a new career path. Her mother stands up to her sexist, jerk brothers, which keeps her from her fair share of her family’s oil money. They both have to move in with their former in-laws and it is not a match made in heaven. Everyone has something to learn and it is great to watch them take risks and figure it out. You find yourself really cheering for them all until a cliff hanger shows that Midge Maisel still has a pretty big mountain to climb. But, if anyone can do it – it’s our Marvelous, fast-talking, funny-gal and her “it’s not a little boy” sidekick, Susie. Gilmore Girls fans will be happy to see some familiar faces and a guest spot from Sterling K. Brown shows that he is magnificent in anything!


The Council Rules:  Binge and smile! It’s marvelous!