Network:  NETFLIX


My first concern with this show is that it was going to be a series of hot messes where the “spoiled, privileged people” are just in one awkward and sad situation after another. That just seemed cringe-worthy. I gave it a shot because I knew – given the cast – that it would be funny. I was very surprised at how much this show, and the main characters, grew on me. The show is about the evolution of the Roses — who arrived in Schitt’s Creek full of disdain and privileged snobbery with nothing but the couture on their backs. They join a small town of regular (sort of) people leading way more simpler lives. As the show goes on it becomes more and more sweet as each character – the former business magnate, the soap opera star, the international party girl, and the ultra-chic son, David – leave their pampered lives behind them, face their newfound poverty head-on and rebuild their lives as they come together as a family. They never lose the key points of their personalities, but each find inner strength and grow while still being hilarious. There are many quotable moments (David, ew) throughout the show but what I love best is the sweet moments that happen along the way. The last episode of each season is great! Especially with David. When he does a little smile that he is trying to fight from showing on his face – it is just adorable!

Council Rules:  Binge and watch it all!  Then, buy anything with Schitty-quotes on it!