Channel: HULU

Sometimes, our reviews take a while because the Council wants/needs to watch it together. We did it with “Stranger Things” because it was fun. With Handmaid’s Tale, it is because it stresses us the eff out! This season, the horrors continue for June and the other Handmaids. They are continually abused and made to feel like sex slaves in a society that is run by “righteous” men. It is disturbing to watch. However, you have to applaud the fighter spirit of these handmaids (and “Marthas”, the servants). They show amazing courage while having ZERO power. However – it is also that same courage that freaks you out when they do something where you KNOW they will be punished. June gets that “killer stare” going and you are just like, “be smart about it, June – don’t do anything crazy like you usually do.” Without spoiling it, if you can get to the end of this season without taking Xanax – there is a moment of joy and success for our little handmaids. Their small rebellion is finally beginning to have a bit of teeth! It was such a nice little moment that we had to quickly Google and make sure there was another season.  Yes – there is.  Blessed be the fruit!

The Council Rules: DEFINITELY binge but pace yourself – or have lots of comfort food on hand!
Binge food: Muffins – they mean “yes!”