Channel: Netflix

The Ranch is the funniest, yet most heartbreaking comedy! Led by Ashton Kutcher (whose character, Colt, makes reference to his resemblance to Michael Kelso this season) and the magnificent Sam Elliot (Beau Bennett), it’s about the trials and tribulations of running a cattle ranch, working hard, manning-up and raising families. Each year, they deal with some pretty heavy topics and this season is no different: financial hardships, Alzheimer’s, drug abuse, PTSD, corporate bullies, theft, betrayal, and broken marriages all come into play but with a lot of heart, laughs, and a LOT of F-bombs! Now a rancher, Colt is trying first-hand to implement all the lessons of his dad, Beau, and do what is right by his daughter – all without his brother, Rooster to help him. Dax Sheppard (Cousin Luke) is a great guy and not a bad comedy actor, but he just hasn’t earned his place there the way Rooster did to be part of the Bennett life. However, the running joke is that Colt’s dad, the hard-working, VERY conservative Beau, gives Luke all the hugs he denies to Colt (insert Colt’s common phrase: “Aw – c’mon!”). It gets a lot of laughs. The season is funny, touching, has a few more That 70’s show cameos here and there, and is often very frustrating because Colt just can’t catch a break!  Also it was frustrating to me, but I want Abby to be more forgiving and help out her man/family with the ranch matters, but I could be a minority on that. I feel he learned his lesson from last season, but others may not agree.  Between all of that, there is more than one touching proposal this season, but I will let you see who/how that all works out!

The Council Rules: Binge it but not with your grandma.   It is funny, but there are a lot of effing F-bombs!
Binge food: A good steak!