Channel: Netflix

Where do I start with this? I went into this thinking these girls were just “crying wolf” trying to get some money. After watching this, I do think ALL of them are telling the truth. I hate to say it, I do/did love R. Kelly’s music and because of that it made me less likely to believe these women. I am sorry for the victims, but I am proud they are speaking out and trying to not only bring awareness to these types of situations, but they are standing up for themselves and their rights as human beings. It was an interesting documentary. Unfortunately, R. Kelly does not speak to this or have any comments about this documentary that I am aware of. Not that it would change anything, I just always want to hear both sides, similar to me wanting to hear Ted Bundy’s side, etc. Unless you are interested in this story, I wouldn’t really suggest you watch this. I believe that knowledge is power and with that idea in mind, I wanted to know what happened.

The Council Rules: Watch ONLY if you want the details of these women’s stories… sorry, I can’t give you more than that.