Speaking of Kevin Hart (see the review on his Netflix Documentary), he starred (again) with one of my favorite people: Dwayne Johnson, along with Jack Black, Karen Gillian, Awkwfina, the great(s) Danny Devito and Danny Glover in this NEXT level of Jumanji! The former high schoolers, now trying to figure out how to maneuver into adulthood, go back into Jumanji (I thought it was broken? Nope – it can always be repaired, apparently!) to save Spencer who wanted to reconnect with his inner Dr. Bravestone. As you can imagine, it does NOT go as planned or well. They end up with Spencer’s grandfather and his sloooooow talking best friend along for the game this time. Not surprisingly, the two men in their 70s (we think?) are slow to pick up on the game. There are new Avatars, new powers, new landscapes (some desert, some snowy mountains), new evil guys, and lots of challenges to overcome. As always, the team finds that it all works when they dig deep and step up to the challenge and work together as a team. It was a lot of fun, to be honest. One of my favorite movies of the holiday season. I plan to see it again and again – but I really love Dwayne Johnson.


The Council Rules: Ticket, Stream It or Skip It?  Theater!  Some of the scenes are epic and fun!