I should start by saying that I am not a DC fan… don’t know if I have mentioned that before lol. I had very low expectations for this movie. The trailer looked unoriginal and like it was “trying too hard” and I had friends who gave me some bad reviews on it too. With that said, I went to the theater thinking this would be a waste of time. I think because my expectations were so low, that I actually quite enjoyed this movie. It was a cute, post-breakup movie. It had some real girl power in there and some seriously great ideas for cosplay. Don’t go into this thinking this will hold its own against Joker but do go see this. Grab your girlfriends and have some wine, this will be a nice little girls’ night flick.

The Council decrees: wait to stream it so you can enjoy some wine and pizza with your chicks (because that’s super classy right?)