Taking a plot of a show that you already know the end result of and creating a story that still surprises you is no easy feat. This show was like a good book I couldn’t put down. Darren Criss plays such a good sociopath that I almost can’t look at him the same way… which in my opinion makes him an excellent actor. That, or he really is a serial killer. Only time will tell. Lol. Edgar Ramirez and Ricky Martin were perfection to their roles. It really felt like I was looking at the real Giani Versace. If you like a good murder/mystery, this is the show for you (minus the mystery). I hope they make more like this! With that being said, rest in peace Mr. Versace! The world may never see another like him.

Rate: Binge it!

Binge food: nothing… you will want to eat nothing so you can wear the absolutely amazing outfit Donatella Versace created for the red carpet. You’ll see!