I have three actors that make me laugh no matter what. Simon Pegg, Jack Black, and Ricky Gervais. Ricky Gervais is foul-mouthed and angry most of the show, but he is also super-hilarious as he deals with situations that are actually ridiculous and definitely heart-breaking.

His character has lost his wife to cancer so it is easy to laugh – and understand – his rudeness, his foul mouth and his general disdain for the fact that he is left to live in this world without the woman he loved. However, he finds himself with new friends (a widow, a prostitute/”sex worker”, a nurse, and a wide-eyed reporter” who help him open his heart enough to realize when he has gone too far and risks losing what he does still have (a mate, brother in law and an adorable nephew). The result of his realizing this is awesome – he opens his heart, makes amends and learns how to enjoy happiness (even if it’s not his) again. Like lemon bars and key lime pies, Ricky’s sour turns mixed with sweet is a treat!

Rate: Binge it!

Binge food: Key Lime Pie or Lemon Bars