It’s always weird to find yourself binge-watching a show where you are rooting for the bad guys! Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, House of Cards … thinking “man, I hope they don’t get caught!”.

It is the same with “The Americans”. They are married, Russian spies living in Ronald Reagan-era DC. The show kicks off with a high-ranking FBI Agent moving in next door. They have two kids who are definitely American kids.

As the show twists and turns, it doesn’t have any gallows humor. It is dark and full of tension. What makes it enjoyable, is watching them narrowly escape getting caught and watching their personal struggle with what they are doing (they both do ANY thing for their county!) while watching them struggle as they fall in love and become more and more “American” each day.

Rate: Binge it!

Binge food: Stroganoff or anything from McDonald’s (because that is the quintessential American food)