In every Spiderman movie, Peter Parker is just… adorable! I don’t know if it is his awkwardness, his sincerity, his intelligence, all the genuine tragedy in his life … probably all of that. Plus, he is actually adorable looking which never hurts. Peter, back now after “the Blip” (what they are calling the five years where Thanos had “snapped” them from existence) is anxious to have a vacation, tell his crush how he feels and NOT “have to save the world”. Director Fury has other plans and European mayhem ensues as Peter tries to do what is right, fight the bad guy, undo his mistakes, and balance the challenge of being Spiderman with being Peter. The highlights of the movie include Happy who is crushing on Peter’s Aunt May, Ned – his man in the chair, “Edith” the new tech that we did not see in action NEARLY enough but what we did see – hilarious – and as always, Peter. In every scene – he seems both like he can save the day and still need a big hug! While the ending shows the road ahead is going to be tough for our friendly, neighborhood Spiderman – his Europe vacation ends on a nice note for him and his friends.

Rate: I definitely enjoyed the theater version, but when I stream it – I can read what the students were texting – like Flash who has some back-story with his parents that I want to know!