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There is a point on the show where Prince Phillip (the talented Tobias Menzies) tells Princess Diana (Emma Corrin – who NAILS it)  that she – along with everyone else who is part of the royal family – are “outsiders” and not the ones that matter. “There’s only one person that matters”.


He is referring to Elizabeth II, the one that wears the crown, but I felt like he was talking to all of us because we have entered the season that FINALLY shows Diana and that is what we all want to see. Her story is so heartbreaking that in spite of the perfect performances of Olivia Coleman (the Queen), Helena Bonham Carter (Princess Margaret), Gillian Anderson (who is so perfect as Margaret Thatcher, it is scary – we all want to see more and more of Diana!


My only complaint about this season is the casting of Camilla Parker Bowles. Her acting is good – when she lets Diana know –  in her passive-aggressive way – how much better she knows and is loved by Charles over a girls luncheon – I FELT that and it made me angrier than ever at how Diana was treated. However, other than the “Camilla flip” hairstyle – there is NO resemblance to the current wife of Prince Charles. It was like they worked so hard to cast everyone else and when it came to Camilla, the show said “Well, no one is going to like her after this. Let’s pick someone who makes her look more attractive at least”. Even the actress cast as Fergie (who got about 2 seconds of non-verbal screen time) was cast better. Otherwise, all the details of this show are perfect!


The Council rules: Watch this season – then watch and re-watch all of the documentaries about Princess Diana because this season of The Crown will make you want to see more about the tragic beauty.