Network: Netflix

I love stories of women in business. I love stories of women who overcome amazing odds. I love stories of rags-to-riches. I love women who stand up for themselves and others. I love Octavia Spencer. This Netflix binge has ALL of that. Octavia Spencer plays Madame (Sarah) C.J. Walker – the first Self-made Millionaire Woman in the United States.  Her story is incredible and the stylish way in which Netflix presents it will make it a binge to watch over and over if you like these kinds of stories.

IF you are a woman business owner, keep a notebook handy. There are lessons that still apply today – telling your story, using the lessons from your adversity, don’t listen to your doubters, and people will take a chance on a product if they believe in the person selling it. Good stuff. Tiffany Haddish does a great job as Leilia – Sarah’s daughter (Sarah had her at age 15) – but anytime Tiffany isn’t playing a comedy role, I sorta miss that. She’s still great though.

Overall, there are just so many good moments in this movie. It doesn’t ignore the social injustices of the times (both to  women and to people of color) but it gives a hopeful message – including the ending which shows how far-reaching her legacy was – and that if you believe in yourself and are willing to work hard, your dreams can come true!

The Council Rules:  Binge and start a side hustle or a new business!   Pair this with Kevin Hart’s documentary and you will feel pretty unstoppable.